I'm just serious!

I freakin' love comedy, I was class clown more times than I can count and delight in making others laugh. Comedy comes very naturally for me. It's probably why my love for improv is so huge, it allows me the opportunity to exercise my imagination and Entertain.          

I don't mind living in a mans world, as long as I can be a women in it.Marilyn Monroe

I had such a blast shooting new head shots with Jamaal Murray www.photosbyjamaal.com


I love the camera, being in front of that big lens is where i'm most comfortable. Early in my career I was so lucky to work with a great photographer Robert Brown who taught me how to communicate with the lens and we've had some great conversations ever since. Really, It was love at first sight. I'm always looking to work with new photographers and love print work. .


For the past 10 years, I've refined my acting techniques by continuing to study with great Acting Coach both Theatrical & Commercial.  Perfecting my Improv Skills in Improv classes such as "Hey, I saw you're commercial". The result of my labors is a string of successful performances but I have not even tip the iceberg. I've studied acting at many community colleges and Acting Studios in the Los Angeles area but none compared to my time with Aaron Speiser and Mike Pointer. It was Aaron who said "if you haven't lived, then you have nothing to give as an actor"! Mike Pointer was just amazing as a commercial and improv teacher and his energy was contagious. He taught me to trust and believe in my abilities. Christa Havenhill was my musical theater professor who taught me to move with purpose and to plant myself. There is still so much to learn and I'm seeking those opportunities.


My greatest skill is my imagination and my ability to use my life experiences to create reality in imaginary circumstances. My comedic timing is great and I love improv.

I love singing from Jazz to Musical Theater and train with Seth Rigg instructors. I'm currently a student of Modern Dance which is simply liberating.

Born a twin in Compton California. My Mother a singer from Compton, Ca, my absent Father an entrepreneur from Iran.

Life was tuff growing up but the yearning for more continues to ignites me. I simply adore being an Actress diving into the lives of other people and using my life experiences and creating new experience to add reality to the life of my roles is what I live for everyday. I go to sleep reading sides, books or scripts and wake up doing the same when I am not booked. I am enthralled in Acting daily.

I love being a Mom and working with my kids on set. Zohreh & I recently worked on a Play-doh Commercial, see the commercial in my videos. Look for my son Azad in the the new 2pac film "All Eyes On Me" in theaters this year.

 I'm extremely outgoing & fearless when it comes to communicating. I live for Improv opportunities.  I love meeting people, opening my mind to new realms of possibilities. Learning new things and gaining wisdom and knowledge on unfamiliar subjects. I love being a woman and feeling beautiful, sexy and fancy.

It was evident to me at young age I had that "magic" that could capture the attention of an entire room.  I love to be funny and I love to entertain. I continue to study Acting and delight in the character challenges. Perseverance, constant training and an unfading love for Acting wakes me up everyday. I just want to do what I love and enjoy the process!

Now, a question for you,

How will you spend the time you've been given in this life? I want to spend mine with the world.​ I want people to leave me feeling an increase.


Watch a few of my auditions here

Recent Auditions

Lee Jeans Commercial
It was fun to audition for Casting Director Katie Taylor of Taylor Casting. I did a cold read with a cute 3 year old girl. The chemistry was there.

Audition for Dorothy Dandridge
I love the life of Dorothy, she was beautiful, talented & Complex. I auditioned for Tegan Summer & it was intense. Music, dancing & Acting everything I enjoy. Here is the monologue

Audition for Tyler Perry
The moment every Actress is waiting for, to read for Mr. Tyler Perry and I just didn't exceed my expectations. I just know, the next opportunity to meet him will be 100% better.

Mignon Farmani

I'm so excited about life! Nothing to do now but live my dreams.

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