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Published Author Mignon Farmani

I've written at least 20 poetry books throughout my life, by hand. Most of them disappeared or some old lover still holds them dear.

I started my first book when I was around 8 years old. Having the desire to look back on those poems prompted me to start publishing my books from now on.

Last week, I challenged myself to create a poetry book full of love poem in 7 days.

I did it! Yay!

My book is currently in the formatting stages and I'm still working on cover ideas.

Can't wait to share my sensual sultry poems that has all been recorded as songs and are available on my SoundClound. I hope to release more of these poems/songs or sale them.

Stay tuned for my Debut Poetry Book Volume #1 from the "Born to be Adorned" Collection.

Here are some covers I've been messing around with.

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