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Luxurious Eye Mask for Visualizing, Meditation, Sleep and Travel. The Worlds First Visualizing Mulberry Silk Eye Mask With Gift Box.


SKU: 364215376135191
  • The CoCo "Visualizing Mask" is Perfect for Meditation & Visualizing the future you desire! 

    Feel at peace when this 100% Mulberry Silk lays delicately upon your eyes. 

    Soft & Luxurious is exactly how you'll feel. You deserve this Opulence!


    You're Born to be Adorned. Come let me Adorn you!


    This is my First design, Sketched out in my scrapbook with you in mind. 

    The Worlds first Visualizing Mask for creating the future you desire!  

    This inspirational 100% Mulberry Silk Mask boast of elegance with its Smooth and Silky components and hypoallergenic nature. You can wear it even if your skin is sensitive. 

    Create the optimal Meditating or Sleep environment when at home or traveling by eliminating distractions, covering the light to the eye irradiation, offering a comfortable sleep, ultimate visualizing focus, meditation and/or manifesting session. 


    We've created a YouTube Channel dedicate to your Visualizing and Meditation Sessions to aid and guide you along in the process of self-improvement. Visit @cocofarmani YouTube today for Guided Meditations and Self Improvement Lectures

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